Green tea, a foolproof cure for genital warts?

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Many people are already aware that green tea is known for its many beneficial properties, such as the ability to give you a boost in energy, while also clearing your body of the many toxins in builds up from the outside environment. Green tea is even known for providing you with more youthful skin, due to the antioxidant properties in it, and it is a gentle mood enhancer that can help increase focus, along with general well-being. However, recent research is showing even further positive effects coming from this amazing tea.


According to one doctor who is studying the effects of green tea’s antioxidant properties, he states that the properties in green tea can actually shrink the cancerous cells that are present in breast cancer patients. Not only that, but this tea is also being recognized for its ability get rid of one of the most common STD’s out there, genital warts. People who have genital warts experience regular outbreaks that are uncomfortable, embarrassing and sometimes even painful. According to the research conducted on this topic, 100% of the patients in the study had their genital warts clear up after the use of green tea. However, simply drinking the tea is not enough. The tea must be created into a tincture, which can be applied topically to the genital warts, or the heated tea bag can be applied directly. After just a few treatments, those involved in the study saw the warts completely clear up.

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